Our productive


High quality Porphyry starts

during extraction

The production cycle for porphyry is made up of three clearly distinct stages: separation of the rock from the compact quarry face, selection and transport, final processing.
As with all other materials present in nature, porphyry too reaches its highest quality level if extracted with appropriate techniques that can maintain the value of the specific characteristics of the stone, such as the rough but flat natural splitting plane, the Physical and mechanical characteristics, the absence of cracks and the wide range of coloration.
All our experience and modern technologies are used in our quarries, to obtain porphyry with excellent levels of quality.

The larger the slabs

the higher their value

The porphyry is extracted in open-cast quarries on quarry fronts arranged in benches of heights between 10 and 30 metres.
The porphyry, once split from the bedrock using soft blasting, is separated with power shovels from the waste material, and the stone that can be processed is sent to the yards for further selection.
The larger blocks are split using pneumatic drills to formats suitable for processing.
The blocks are then split again along their natural planes with hammers and wedges to obtain slabs of varying size and thickness. The slabs can now be sorted as to quality, thickness and size.
These slabs are taken to the final processing area, where Sophisticated machinery allows production of a wide range of articles and types of product, to enable a highly diversified market offering.


Installation is carried out by qualified staff, in order to assure a professionally made job. We’re available for on-site inspections.

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